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Can pass light and shade multi – specification color glass

Can pass light and shade multi – specification color glass

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Colored glass can be used for building exterior decoration and home decoration. You can choose the color glass that conforms to your personal style to improve the concealment and increase the atmosphere of space.


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Colored glass, also known as endothermic glass, refers to the addition of colored art glass colorant after the appearance of different colors of glass. The main types are grey glass, green glass, tea glass, blue glass, black glass, respectively show different colors. Heat-absorbing glass is perfectly suitable for building doors, Windows or external walls in areas that need both lighting and insulation, so as to prevent direct sunlight and increase the color diversity of the interior. And embossed glass, color-glazed glass also plays a decorative building effect.


The advantages of colored glass

1、The role of colored glass is to absorb the visible light of the sun, reduce the intensity of the sun, compared with frosted glass, make the sun become soft, play the role of anti-glare at the same time, but also improve the color of the room.

2、It can also effectively absorb solar radiant heat, produce "cold chamber effect", and achieve the effect of heat shielding and energy saving.

For example, 6mm thick transparent float glass, the total transmission heat under the sun is 84%, and the total transmission heat of colored glass under the same conditions is 60%. The color and thickness of colored glass are different, and the absorption degree of solar radiant heat is different.

3、Colored glass also has a certain transparency, you can clearly observe the outdoor scenery, bright colors, durable and unchanged, can increase the beauty of the building.

4、It can strongly absorb the ultraviolet rays of the sun on the building and effectively prevent the fading and deterioration of ultraviolet rays on indoor items.

Product Applications

Colored glass material is used in many places, the use of different colors of colored glass can make reasonable use of sunlight, adjust the indoor temperature, save the cost of air conditioning, and the appearance of the building has a good decorative effect.

Generally used as doors and Windows or glass curtain walls of buildings, with the use value but also artistic value.

Not only in the interior decoration, in the car glass, generally installed dark tinted glass, sunglasses are colored glass lenses. As well as a variety of decorative lampshades, in order to brilliant color, will be installed with colored glass lampshades, different color glass in various fields of science and technology has been widely used. Many examples can be given in this regard, such as photography, photometry, traffic signalling systems and the protection of vision and precision instruments from harmful light.

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