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Residential villa glass guardrail balcony walkway escalator railing glass

Residential villa glass guardrail balcony walkway escalator railing glass

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Railing glass as a safe and functional presence, can provide transparency and beauty, is an excellent application in the pool, landscape balcony. In addition, the product is also corrosion resistant, can extend the service life, maintenance is simple and easy.


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Glass as a very common building material, the production process has been developed and mature, because of the advanced technology and continuous innovation, the use of more and more widely, life will also be seen in the shopping mall, residential villa used as a fence, increase the decorative effect of design.It is also an excellent application for swimming pools and landscaped balconies.

Generally used as a railing glass toughened glass, sandwich toughened glass, wire glass and other several, in the choice of glass guardrail glass thickness, according to different space and national standards, the general balcony glass railing glass thickness is not less than 12mm.
When choosing the thickness of glass guardrail, there are two standards: The first is the "building decoration engineering quality acceptance Code" GB50210-2001 article 12.5.7, this article stipulates that the guardrail glass should use the thickness of not less than 12mm toughened glass or toughened laminated glass, when the glass is located in the building height of 5 meters and above, should use toughened laminated glass. Another regulation on the glass thickness of the glass balustrade is "Building glass Application Technical Code" JGJ113-2009, which stipulates that the selection of glass thickness is related to the size of the glass area.
Generally speaking, the larger the single piece of glass, the thicker the glass should be. At the same time, it is stipulated that the nominal thickness of tempered glass is not less than 5mm or the nominal thickness is not less than 6.38mm laminated glass, and the thickness of glass under horizontal load is not less than 12mm tempered or not less than 16.76mm tempered laminated glass. When the lowest point of the glass balustrade is 3m and above, 5m and below 5m, toughened laminated glass with a thickness of no less than 16.76mm is used.
According to the above two specifications, we can conclude that the glass thickness of the glass guardrail should be at least 12mm above, whether it is laminated glass or toughened glass to meet the minimum standard. When we decorate our own houses, in the choice of balcony glass guardrail glass for safety, we should choose a glass thickness of at least 12mm above.

1, both vision and lighting: in general, the glass railing is installed on the balcony, so that the user can clearly see the scenery downstairs when resting on the balcony, but also will not have too much to block the light, the original isolation of the outside world seems to be integrated with the outside world with the help of the glass railing, making people feel more space.
2, weather resistance: glass as a wind, rain and cold barrier, itself exposed to the external environment, in bad weather conditions can also be used.
3, privacy and security: glass railings generally use tempered glass as a panel, high-rise users are the use of laminated glass, when broken due to the characteristics of tempered glass, the formation of fragments will not cause harm to people, while laminated glass can also be customized frosted glass style, the user's privacy also has a good protection.

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