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Tempered walkway public building safety SGP laminated glass

Tempered walkway public building safety SGP laminated glass

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This is a laminated glass using SGP film, the bearing capacity is twice that of ordinary PVB laminated glass of the same thickness, and the glass consumption can be reduced by about 40%. The high strength can meet the high requirements of impact resistance of high-rise buildings, and it is a glass variety with high safety performance.


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SGP laminated glass building
High level safety glass
High transparent laminated glass

Sentryglas Plus laminated glass (SGP) used for laminated safety glass is an innovation in laminated glass products. With the improvement of people's life quality, the beauty and safety of people's activity places are paid more and more attention. The appearance of SGP film makes it extend the performance of laminated glass beyond the existing technology. SGP's high strength, high transparency, durability, stability, and a variety of structures and flexible installation, compared with ordinary laminated glass, make it easily adapt to the latest and most stringent requirements of today's construction market.

SGP film laminated glass has stronger impact resistance than PVB laminated glass. The tear strength of SGP sandwich is 5 times that of traditional PVB sandwich, and the hardness is 100 times that of traditional PVB sandwich. It can meet the requirements of storm resistance of buildings, and explosion-proof and anti-impact performance is particularly good. Even if the glass is broken, SGP film can bond the broken glass to form a temporary structure after destruction. Its bending deformation is small, and it can bear a certain amount of load without falling the whole piece. That's a big improvement in the safety of glass.

Product Applications

After the use of SGP intermediate film for adhesive, the adhesive layer between the two pieces of glass will not slide basically when the glass is stressed, and the two pieces of glass work as a single piece of glass of equal thickness. In this way, the bearing capacity is the same thickness of ordinary PVB laminated glass twice; At the same time, under the same load and thickness, the bending deflection of SGP laminated glass is only 1/4 of that of ordinary PVB laminated glass. As the bearing capacity increases, the deflection decreases, the thickness of the glass will decrease accordingly, it is possible to reduce the amount of glass by about 40%, and correspondingly reduce the self-weight of the curtain wall, which is not only conducive to the main structure design, but also to save material and energy.
SGP film adhesive products have strong permeability, it eliminates other varieties of intermediate film may have yellow, when it is combined with ultra white glass shows enhanced whiteness, is the configuration of ultra white glass. Therefore, if the SGP laminated glass adopts super white glass and SGP intermediate film adhesive, the crystal clear optical effect of super white laminated glass can better meet the architectural artistic requirements of architects.

Scope of use

1. Glass barrier, balcony doors and Windows of public buildings, indoor partition stairwell glass and guardrail, airport terminal building, glass canopy, glass patio, tilted glass Windows, etc.
2. floor, glass corridor, glass walkway.
3. Safety glass for very high-rise buildings and large public buildings. Very high-rise, oversized buildings to withstand greater wind, seismic force and temperature changes, the glass is required to have a higher bearing capacity and stiffness, and in case of damage but also a certain residual bearing capacity will not fall.

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