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Doors and Windows entry toilet bathroom embossed glass

Doors and Windows entry toilet bathroom embossed glass

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This is a decorative glass, the light transmittance is about 60%, the perspective performance is poor, can block the line of sight, protect privacy. It has a rich pattern design, such as water ripple, crabapple pattern, checkered pattern to increase the visual effect. Often used in interior decoration.


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Embossed glass effect
figured glass
Ultra white Reeded glass
fluted glass

Patterned Glass, also known as patterned glass or knurled glass, is generally divided into embossed glass, vacuum coating embossed glass and colored film embossed glass several categories.Single side embossed glass has the characteristics of light transmittance without perspective, with privacy, as the bathroom, toilet door and window glass should pay attention to its embossed face outward. Embossed glass is a kind of flat glass made by calendering method, among which the new product Low-iron Pattern Glass is the embossed glass made from ore material with low iron content.

Generally, the transmittance of ordinary glass is about 85%, with good transmittance, high hardness, corrosion resistance, heat insulation and sound insulation, wear resistance, climate change resistance, and some insulation, heat absorption, radiation and other characteristics. In terms of visual effects, ordinary glass contains certain iron compounds and solid inclusions such as bubbles and sand grains, so its permeability is not so high, and the glass will faint green, which is the unique property of ordinary white glass.
High quality ordinary glass is colorless transparent or slightly with light green, the thickness of the glass should be uniform, the size should be standardized, no or few bubbles, stones and waves, scratches and other defects.

Embossed variety

According to the general pattern mainly: Yuhua, cloth pattern, begonia flower, gold wire, spring dragon, ice flower, tangram, fragrant pear, Qianxi, four seasons rainbow, both sides grid, wood grain, water grain, diamond, bamboo braid, Fu character, Yuhua, silver xia and other types of flowers.

 Manufacturing processes

1. single-roller method
It is to pour the glass liquid into the calendering molding table. The table can be made of cast iron or cast steel, and the table or roll is engraved with patterns. The roller is rolled on the glass liquid surface, and the embossed glass made is sent to the annealing kiln.

2. double-roller method
The production of embossed glass can be divided into semi-continuous calendering and continuous calendering. The glass liquid is drawn forward to the annealing kiln through a pair of water-cooled rollers, along with the rotation of the roller. Generally, the surface of the lower roller has concave and convex patterns, and the upper roller is a polishing roller, so as to make the embossed glass with a single side pattern


1, Good decorative effect
Each type of flower design is very delicate, installed in the home can improve the beauty.
2. Weak perspective
The light transmittance of embossed glass is only about 60%, which can be used to block part of the line of sight and protect privacy.The effect is similar to frosted glass.

Applied range

Patterned Glass is suitable for indoor space of buildings, bathroom doors and Windows and a variety of occasions that need to block the line of sight. Ultra-white embossed glass is also widely used in the field of photovoltaic.

Reeded glass
Tempered embossed glass
ribbed glass

Points for attention

When installed, the decorative surface can be oriented indoors to enhance the sense of decoration; As a bathroom, bath toilet doors and Windows, doors and Windows, indoor interval glass, should pay attention to its pattern face outwards, to prevent the surface from flooding and perspective.

Production Qualification

The company's products have passed China compulsory quality system CCC certification, Australia AS/NS2208:1996 certification, and Australia AS/NS4666:2012 certification. In addition to meet the national production standards, but also meet the overseas market quality requirements.

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