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Large quantity can be deeply processed white glass

Large quantity can be deeply processed white glass

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White glass is a float flat glass without processing, which has good perspective and certain insulation and sound insulation. Different thickness sizes are used in different aspects, adapt to a variety of processing forms, and are commonly used as production materials in glass processing plants.


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High quality white glass
White glass
unprocessed glass

In the glass industry, usually the ordinary colorless transparent glass called white glass, is the most common kind of glass, corresponding to other colored glass. It is made of silicate, sodium carbonate, limestone and other raw materials after high temperature fusing.

Generally, the transmittance of ordinary glass is about 85%, with good transmittance, high hardness, corrosion resistance, heat insulation and sound insulation, wear resistance, climate change resistance, and some insulation, heat absorption, radiation and other characteristics. In terms of visual effects, ordinary glass contains certain iron compounds and solid inclusions such as bubbles and sand grains, so its permeability is not so high, and the glass will faint green, which is the unique property of ordinary white glass.
High quality ordinary glass is colorless transparent or slightly with light green, the thickness of the glass should be uniform, the size should be standardized, no or few bubbles, stones and waves, scratches and other defects.

The benefits of using white glass

1, uniform thickness, size standard.
2, high labor production efficiency, convenient mass production, packing and transportation.
3, strong adaptability, can carry out various subsequent processing, such as tempering.

Commonly used float glass is one of them, at present, because of its upper and lower surface flat parallel, high production efficiency, easy to manage and many other advantages, is becoming the mainstream of glass manufacturing.

Product Applications

This kind of glass is the largest product of plate glass production enterprises, and also the most used raw material of glass deep processing enterprises. We can often see it in ordinary office buildings, shops and residential buildings, used in inlaying doors and Windows, walls, interior decoration and so on.
In order to meet various needs in production and life, ordinary plate glass is processed deeply. For example, ordinary glass commonly used in construction is processed with single-layer transparent glass, laminated glass, insulating glass and so on. After processing, it is widely used in construction, home, electronics and other fields. Common glass in home is mirror, glass door, glass desktop and so on. Common glass in the electronics field are mobile phone screens, tablet screens and so on.

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