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The value of High-Definition Glass in modern architectural design

The value of High-Definition Glass in modern architectural design

“With the development time, artistic expressions have become more diversified, and people have much higher requirements for the aesthetics of architecture.  Architecture is not only a container of space, but also a carrier of culture and art.  When sunlight passes through the exquisite glass, every refraction tells the designer’s pursuit of beauty. Colors, light, shadows and shapes are combined to form changeable shapes, which are used in multi-storey buildings.”


Glass, a common item in our lives

So, why customize such an ordinary object?

【The answer: To be different】

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GLASVUE, as a front-runner in the field of glass in-depth processing, had an extensive dialog with the world’s leading architects to discuss the importance and innovative potential of high-definition glass in modern architectural design.


01 / Glass, the bridge connecting the future

 Glass represents not only the skin of the building

but also carries the designer’s vast understanding of space, light and shadow

and environment

Couture glass

How does couture glass play a key role

architects’ work?


High-Definition Glass

especially those with special optical properties

have become indispensable elements in our designs. They not only create stunning visual effects

but also optimize the energy consumption and living experience within a building

They are an expressive element in modern architectural design.

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02 / International Perspectives – Glass Applications for Iconic Buildings

 GLASVUE in the ANMF HOUSE project in Australia

exemplifies the importance and value of high-definition glass.




Take the Pompidou Center in Paris, France, as a perfect example of how a high-definition glass façade pushes the boundaries of traditional architecture, with its unique transparency and structural design permitting natural light to penetrate freely, bringing vivid changes of light and shadow to the interior spaces.

–Wai Kong Chan (Chinese Architect)


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We have always believed that advances in technology will drive premium customized glass in a smarter and more environmentally friendly direction. Functions such as self-cleaning, smart dimming, and integrated sensors will become the norm for haute couture glass, greatly enhancing the maintenance efficiency and intelligence of buildings.

—Maurice Lee (xx design office, Canada)

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03 / GLASVUE - born to be customized


At the cost of 5 times more investment on equipment than the standard industry production practice

Introduced the world’s top glass equipment brand, GLASTON.

The best product line for product protection

Quality control with 10 times more precision than the industry practice.

Introduced CNC, the top precision numerical control equipment brand.

The most advanced product line for customized size escorting

With a one-time investment of hundreds of millions of dollars

Established a brand-new factory embracing Industry 4.0 within the industrial park.



Fully empowered for customized products

And the purpose of all this

To become

“The Architect’s Glass of Choice”

For high-end customization


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