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GLASVUE: Journey to the UAE, the brand goes overseas

GLASVUE: Journey to the UAE, the brand goes overseas


From June 12 to June 14, 2024, GLASVUE was invited to participate in the Building Materials and Home Decoration Exhibition (BDE) in the United Arab Emirates. Taking the “Architects’ Selected Glass” as an opportunity, it met many outstanding local architects and had in-depth exchanges with visitors from around the world.


【About BDE】

As a professional building materials exhibition that encompass the large regional market of the UAE as well as the African and European markets, it has received support from many official agencies in the UAE, including the Gaza Government Office, the Ministry of Commerce such as the Dubai Chamber of Commerce, and the United Arab Emirates Chamber of Commerce and Industry. It is a gathering place for professional buyers and a professional exhibition for construction engineering, designers and other regional industries.


At the three-day international event,

GLASVUE met with thousands of global exhibitors, regional professional buyers and numerous international architects,

A mutual link of trust and respect was established.


Part1:Use Professionalism to Influence Professionalism

During the meeting, GLASVUE discussed building facade solutions with international architects and façade consultants.


【Architect’s Evaluation】

The equipment owned by GLASVUE is the pinnacle in the field of architectural glass post-processing in the world. Whether it is processing accuracy or complexity, it has surpassed all previous understanding of special architectural glass, so I hope to know more details about your set up, and also very much hope to establish professional communication with your spokesperson Mr Li Yao, who also discussed its application in the field of special architectural glass. I participated in the 2008 Shanghai World Expo and knew that the UAE National Pavilion was designed by him. A most interesting design.

 - – Abraham (UAE xx Design Office)


Part2:Interpret Professionalism with Professionalism

GLASVUE attracted the attention of architectural elites from all over the world at the BDE Exhibition in the United Arab Emirates.


Through cooperation with the world’s top glass in depth processing equipment manufacturers such as GLASTON, BOTTERO, NORTH GLASS, LNBF, BYSRONIC, etc., GLASVUE possess the technical strength to meet architects’ demanding selection of architectural glass.


【Builder’s Review】

Cooperation with high-quality building materials suppliers is key to ensuring the success of our projects. GLASVUE’s products, especially the high-efficiency sound insulation and anti-strong light pollution series designed for special environments, perfectly combine the special needs of high-end buildings for environmental protection and energy saving, which is very important to us.

—Carter Rowland (Top5 builders in UAE)


Through this UAE BDE exhibition, GLASVUE conducted in-depth exchanges with architects and industry experts. GLASVUE is also honored to offer better building skin system solutions to architects and façade designers and consultants.


-The exhibition comes to an end but the pace keeps moving-


Will continue to maintain world class quality

Make high-end customised delivery easier

Our willingness to

Connect with more outstanding architects around the world

Empowering Architects with better and more Selection Options

Looking forward to meeting every one again and creating a new chapter together


International Leading Architect–Li Yao

Lead Designer of the CCTV Building in Beijing, China

China First-Class Registered Architect

Royal Institute of British Architects(RIBA)

Mr. Li Yao, as the brand ambassador of GLASVUE said:

“Good glass is about being seen, but more about being unseen”


Post time: Jun-21-2024